The Occam’s Typewriter Irregulars is a place for guest bloggers to write.

Some of these writers might in time have their own blog on OT; others might simply have been invited (or they asked!) to contribute a one- (or two- or three-) off post.


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Scientist, poet, gadfly
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11 Responses to Welcome

  1. Heather says:

    Very kind of you to invite folks who are not residents of Baker Street to participate in this venture. Thanks!

  2. Girl, Interrupting says:

    I agree with Heather – very kind indeed – thanks, I am excited!

  3. …and we thank you. Woo, look at that typewriter background – very stylish!

    *waves at Heather

    P.S. Thank you for implementing CAPTCHA – I just deleted a pile of spam from the LSTOTT blog, which doesn’t use it (sorry, you knew that already).

  4. ricardipus says:

    Never mind that – how will we irregulars know where to blog? My head is spinning with this aggregation business…

  5. rpg says:

    If my calculations are correct, then when you log in and hit ‘add new post’, it’ll come here automagically; that is to say under http://occamstypewriter.org/irregulars/. It then gets aggregated to the homepage without you having to do anything.

    And if you click on an aggregate post it sends you to the source.

  6. when are we allowed to post? Don’t you have a launch date of the 10th? thanks again

  7. rpg says:

    You can post now, but I recommend you leave it till Friday cos nobody will read it until then 😉

  8. chall says:

    Woho! It’s like a destilled [guest] “bloggers I read and like” (and in some cases miss a lot since they’ve quit – yes Heather, I’m looking at you 😉 will be fun to read you again!)

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