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The March of the Beekeepers

In Parliament Square in London today a diverse group of beekeepers and environmentalists are gathering; some will be wearing beekeeping suits, some will be dressed as bees, some will be carrying fruit or vegetables and you may even spot Winnie-the-Pooh … Continue reading

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Street Science in Paris

I recently returned from a week’s holiday in Paris. It’s a beautiful place for just walking and looking and while we were there, spring finally arrived. On our last day, we were invited to a rehearsal of the Orchestre Philharmonique … Continue reading

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Bad Pharma, Good Pharma, Bad Pharma

I was surprised and saddened to hear the news that the pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca were closing their R and D facility at Alderley Park in the North West of the country.  This is an iconic research site, set among lakes … Continue reading

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Sympathy or schadenfreude? – the ENCODE consortium gets the hatchet job.

A paper was published earlier this week making an extraordinary attack on the integrity of the work of the ENCODE consortium, an international group studying the human genome.  Scientists don’t normally go in for this type of public blood letting, … Continue reading

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The “bute” in horsemeat

The horsemeat scandal in Europe continues to surprise and shock.  Henry Gee has written about the controversy for this site and for Occam’s Corner but I wanted to comment on one of the safety issues. It seems that a drug, … Continue reading

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Mind your language

I enjoy going to art galleries.  I enjoy looking at art and I can recall vividly the thrill of seeing the “Impressionists” in Paris for the first time.  For me, visiting a gallery is still something of an occasion and … Continue reading

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On the eighth day of Christmas my true love sent to me, eight waxwings trilling ……

I’ve had bird books for many years: pocket-sized books with pictures and descriptions of the common British birds.   Not that I am a bird enthusiast.  I just want to be able to identify the birds around me.  If I am … Continue reading

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Let’s hear it for Thomas Newcomen!

I first heard of Thomas Newcomen soon after we moved to the West Country. I’d been looking around for the names of famous scientists from Devon and quickly came across Newcomen. I was surprised to find out that a man … Continue reading

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The Captured Thought

Nicky Clayton and Clive Wilkins Do you know what happens when a behavioural scientist interested in how humans and animals think gets together with an artist whose prime interest is in the nature of imagination and consciousness? Are you interested? … Continue reading

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Week 7, in which we discover that Ricardipus perhaps isn’t quite as good at this hockey pool malarkey as he’s always claimed, but doesn’t quite learn to get over it yet.

An absolutely horrid week in the hockey pool. Sigh. Continue reading

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