You’ll both no doubt recall an earlier post in which I showed an heirloom chair — one of six — that had been rendered useless (at least as a chair) by the depredations of a teething puppy. Here it is, as a reminder. The chair, that is. I’m happy to say that the same chair has been restored, and can now be used once again as a chair.

A Much-Abused Heirloom. Recently.

… and now, restored














The restorer was my friend C. F. of Cromer, who chisels away in his garage shed man cave workshop under the name Verdant Woodcraft, in much the same way that Winnie-the-Pooh lived under the name of Sanders.

He (that’s Mr C. F., not Winnie-the-Pooh) now has another one of the six chairs to restore, happily not as badly damaged as the one above. He was able to restore the chair using bits of a large slab of mahogany I bought from a reclamation yard once, with a view to making something or other, but I never did, so I gave it to C. F. instead. I’m sure you’ll agree that he’s made far better use of it than I ever could.

If you look at the Verdant Woodcraft facebook page you’ll see that Mr C. F. has a way with wood. He takes commissions, you know.

And the puppy seems to have grown out of chewing the furniture.



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