A guide to the best 100 blogs

A guide to the best 100 blogs was the cover story in the Sunday Times Culture Magazine today

The accompanying article gets off to a good start – the opening sentence reflects the opinion of at least one NN blogger. Bryan Appleyard attempts to capture the spirit of blogging, contrasting it with other forms of publication. I think that he explains what blogging means to him. I don’t think that his perspective can be generalized to all bloggers.

The article rounds off with a list of The Best 100 Blogs, by catagory:

I like to think that we have all of those covered here on Nature Network.

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8 Responses to A guide to the best 100 blogs

  1. Richard P. Grant says:

    I bags ‘Comic relief’.

  2. Erika Cule says:

    Suggest a post? There’s one already linked, but I’ll add another.

  3. Richard P. Grant says:

    No post. Just me.

  4. Erika Cule says:

    You see, that was what I thought. I wanted to link a post of yours, but there were too many to choose…

  5. Richard P. Grant says:

    Actually, you raise a serious point. For the sake of technorati, et. al, links to people rather than a post should be to the blog name not the profile page. It’s slightly tricky on NN, but it will be fixed when we get MT4.

  6. Maxine Clarke says:

    I think science will be in part 2 next week. Several people recommended some good science blogs to Bryan when he was preparing this article (_mentions no names_, but NN was among those suggested…..)

  7. Erika Cule says:

    Ah, I hadn’t realised the list was TBC – I look forward to seeing which whether any NN bloggers made the cut.

  8. Richard P. Grant says:

    We assume it’s TBC but there’s no actual evidence for that apart from the title!

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