Cromer Is SO Bracing ’09 – Day One

For me, Cromer Is SO Bracing kicked off today.

I forwent last night’s fish ‘n’ chips in favour of sibling-ly support of the Minotaur Theatre Company’s Cabaret

Today’s happenings have been documented in the friendfeed room but in summary:

This morning I completed the Cromer Is SO Bracing complement at the Cliftonville Hotel, where two hours of intensive brainstorming coerced a plethora of ideas into something of a storyboard. We ventured to the Gee beachhut for tea and contemplation and have now retired to the Maison des Girrafes where a veritable industry of sea-creature-crocheting has been set up at the Gee dining room table.

With a table booked at the Cromer Curryhouse for this evening, tonight promises more fruitful discussion. Tomorrow’s plans include a full day of scriptwriting, science and drama culminating in the masterpiece that will be Cromer: Darwin’s Lost Weekend.

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4 Responses to Cromer Is SO Bracing ’09 – Day One

  1. Maxine Clarke says:

    Sounds industrious, fun, creative and to top it all, satisfying to the appetite! Glad you are all having such a great time.

  2. Karen James says:

    Pictures, please, of both the fossil and crochet invertebrates!

  3. Karen James says:

    That’s odd, I thought I was commenting on Henry’s post. Hmmm. Oh well, hi from my sofa in London!

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