Cromer Is SO Bracing ’09 – Day Two

Whilst by day, Cromer Is SO Bracing, this weekend I am resting my head in the house where my brother lives in nearby Norwich. (Thanks, Ant!)

Ant explained to me that I was free to stay in his flatmate’s bedroom but asked

“You don’t mind sharing with a tortoise, do you?”

Mind? Mind? As I am in Cromer to celebrate all things Darwin, it seemed entirely appropriate!

Welly, who turned three years old last week

Welly might bear a closer resemblance to a giant tortoise than anything in the Jardin des Girrafes, but I didn’t feel that this would justify kidnapping her for the afternoon’s filming, so a photo had to suffice. Whilst Welly might look giant in the picture, she is actually the size of your hand, so a close-up was needed.

Henry has documented elsewhere yesterday’s happenings, complete with photo-diary. Much chaos filming took place, along with some a substantial amount of science, all fuelled by superb catering from Mrs Gee ’s Location Catering Services TM

Thanks to one and all for the opportunity to take part in Cromer Is SO Bracing. Like the rest of the blogosphere, I await the finished article with interest.

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  1. Henry Gee says:

    Thanks Erika – and if you’re half as tired as I am, then I’m twice as tired as you are. The more I think about what we all did, the more tired I become!

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