Where in the world?

Bloggers clam up!

Bloggers clam up! Bloggers clam up!

Quiz question: where were these two photos taken?

For bonus points: add a photo of yourself in the same location to this nascent collection…

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  1. Mark Field says:

    OK, I’ll give it a go.
    The sign in the top photo is in English, with Spanish underneath. That strongly suggests west coast USA, probably California. The obvious places for a fake giant clam there are Sea World in San Diego or Monterey Bay aquarium in, erm, Monterey.
    I’m going with Monterey Bay Aquarium because the rocks around the clam you are sitting in look like the walls they have in much of that aquarium.

    You will now tell me this is at captain jacks fish and chip shop in Dublin that is next to the Spanish immersion school …

  2. A bit of Googling and I’m convinced Mark’s guess of Monterey Bay Aquarium is correct, unless an identical cuddly clam is located somewhere else.

  3. Erika Cule says:

    Mark is absolutely right! I am impressed by your powers of deduction Mark. Maybe it would have been that bit harder if I had cropped out the sign.

    The mind boggles at to what Richard was Googling…

    Many thanks to Eva who rose to my challenge to re-create the photo. Mine was taken in November 2012, a by-product of this trip, and Eva’s was taken last month.

  4. Cromercrox says:

    Although I know both Erika and Eva have been to Cromer, I knew it wasn’t there. Our giant clams are a different colour.

  5. Eva says:

    I included my picture in my Finch and Pea blogpost and the aquarium tweeted the post, with the link to THIS post, so SOON EVERYONE WILL RECREATE THIS PHOTO. Maybe.

  6. Mark Field says:

    It’s always interesting what you miss, I didn’t spot that the photos were taken at different times…

    Having been told that, its obvious that at the very least different camera settings were used in the two photos and therefore probably different cameras. The position of the camera in the bottom photo is also about three steps to the left compared to the top photo. If the photos had been taken one after the other most people would use the same camera with the same settings from approximately the same spot.

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