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Self-promotion via Bad Science Jokes

via Bad Science Jokes

I do find the trope that women do not self-promote tiresome. If I self-promote, does this mean that I am not a woman? 😕

It is not in my nature to do disco moves in a lab, but I do admit to having done some stuff. However, when I talk about the stuff I have done, this does not always seem to go down so well.

I have been told I have a male brain, more times than I can count. (Aren’t male brains supposedly more numerate?). I get so cross with this. I do not have a male brain. I just have a brain, and a number of personality traits that are culturally coded male. I work as a statistician, so I am logical and analytical and even reductionist because it is my job to be logical and analytical and even reductionist.

I am empathetic and creative, and a friendly person, generally, and when I am a statistician-scientist I am in an analytical role, so when my recommendations based on your data appear to be unsympathetic to your scientific intuition, that is because I doing my job with integrity and not because I am callous. I like Bayesian thinking, but I do not, as a rule, account for hope – mine or yours – in the prior distribution when I analyse the data.

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