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Alfred Russel Wallace – the forgotten man of evolution?

Following on from Sylvia McLain’s recent post on Richard Dawkins, here is more on evolution. My piece concerns Alfred Russel Wallace, who was intimately involved in the early thinking on this topic. The timing of the two pieces is entirely … Continue reading

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Sympathy or schadenfreude? – the ENCODE consortium gets the hatchet job.

A paper was published earlier this week making an extraordinary attack on the integrity of the work of the ENCODE consortium, an international group studying the human genome.  Scientists don’t normally go in for this type of public blood letting, … Continue reading

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The “bute” in horsemeat

The horsemeat scandal in Europe continues to surprise and shock.  Henry Gee has written about the controversy for this site and for Occam’s Corner but I wanted to comment on one of the safety issues. It seems that a drug, … Continue reading

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Mind your language

I enjoy going to art galleries.  I enjoy looking at art and I can recall vividly the thrill of seeing the “Impressionists” in Paris for the first time.  For me, visiting a gallery is still something of an occasion and … Continue reading

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Response to RFI on Public Access to Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Publications Resulting From Federally Funded Research

What a mouthful! Well, happy new year to everyone. I thought I’d make it a matter of public record that I support the continuation of public access to peer-reviewed scientific productions where it already exists, and the implementation of better … Continue reading

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Comfort Zone

Sometimes, it’s helpful to step out of your comfort zone – professionally, and personally. Continue reading

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Essential Reading, August 2011.

A letter to Canadians from the Honourable Jack Layton. Essential reading. Continue reading

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Science Policy and the Canadian Election – or maybe not.

So we’re down to it – only one day left until the Canadian Federal Election, although many who are more organized than I am have already voted in the advance polls. As usual, our beloved national broadcaster has aggregated a … Continue reading

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The Age of Fulfilment

In which the author exhibits his cheap and lazy nature by faffling around a bit, eventually buying Jenny Rohn’s latest novel “The Honest Look” via several geographically separated countries. Continue reading

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Letting go of mysteries

  Thanks to Cath, for inviting me to play! I’ve followed a circuitous path through science–college major in biology, grad school, postdoc. . . and then a stint as a stay-at-home mother, followed by a year as a scientific writer/editor at … Continue reading

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