Lady liberty: my new glove box

A few weeks ago I blogged about my new Schlenk Line and now there is a new addition to the lab.

My newest piece of BIG kit arrived Monday (unannounced). After a few weeks of tender, at most Universities if you buy anything over £25,000 you have to get bids, the lowest wins (well most of the time), after 18 weeks of ordering (waiting) she arrived! Straight from Munich – well ok really Garching, which is north of Munich.

The box was assembled – and then promptly disassembled for shipping. Sort of like the Statue of Liberty – I suppose. The Statue of Liberty was erected in Paris, then torn back down before she was shipped in lots and lots of boxes. Interestingly, the Statue of Liberty was paid for by French and American citizens – not the governments – in a pretty massive fund raiser for 1886.

After being torn back down my lovely glove box was driven to a port (Hamburg) and fastened in the most substaintial shipping crate I have ever seen. She made a smooth journey across the channel – which I know because of these nice tilt sensors:

tilt sensor

This is different than the Statue of Liberty who was almost lost at sea and well if I am really honest a Glove Box isn’t as monumental as a statue dedicated to a people who aspire to liberty ( at least in principle).

Anyway here she is – my brand new spiffy MBraun glove box.

Glove Box

where the inside atmosphere currently (or when I left this evening) was atmosphere containing < 1ppm O2 and atmosphere containing < 1ppm H2O – after a mere day of conditioning.

Here is another (front) view:
Glove box front

As you can see – the box is virtually empty – but not for long…

I think I am going to name my box Lady Liberty, but that might be a bit ostentatious…

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7 Responses to Lady liberty: my new glove box

  1. rpg says:

    So what are ya going to use it for, lady?

  2. I think that’s an excellent name – why not?

    That is some serious looking filtration(?) sticking out the right hand side. I hate to think what dangerous/noxious/toxic things you’re going to be playing with in there. 😉

    • Hey Richard – no that isn’t filtration that is an antichamber – its how you pump things in and out of the box – the white box below it is the O2 and H2O scrubbers if you look carefully at the inside of the box (left hand side) you can see the filter for dust and such

      and rpg – I would tell you but I can’t over the internet anyway – ooh that sounds so lofty and suspicious…

  3. Aww, it looks like it wants a hug!

  4. I also like that you’ve labeled on the wall where things are to be placed… 😀

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