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Ensuring that there really will be no jam tomorrow-

STOP IT GEORGE OSBORNE Shutting down research facilities today? Does this mean Jam tomorrow? No! No! No! It’s short-sighted and stupid. Even Margaret Thatcher knew that… The ISIS facility in Oxfordshire (a neutron source in danger of being ‘mothballed’) was … Continue reading

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It is damn hard to admit you are wrong

And I don’t mean when you get the facts unequivocally wrong like in a pub quiz, you kind of have to say you were wrong when you find out Sylvia Plath wrote the Bell Jar after you claimed it was … Continue reading

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The mythology of funding – moving UK universities into the real world

I have a bunch of American friends who describe themselves at Italian-Americans, mostly because they have a somewhat recent relative from Italy and they have, through this relation, some sort of connection with this ‘old world’ Italy, which usually contains … Continue reading

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