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Peer review – a bad example

Cameron Neylon has published one of 2 posts defending his opinion of peer-review – standing by the quote ‘it makes more sense in fact to publish everything and filter after the fact’ though he admits this is somewhat of an … Continue reading

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Peer review here we go again

Once again the peer-review vs. science online debate appears! In an article by Peer review: Trial by Twitter – Apoorva Mandavilli talks about a lot of things but it mentions that science is getting ‘torn apart’ in the online media… … Continue reading

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Gun Laws and banker’s bonuses

Two issues which have dominated this week’s news; both are damn near impossible to legislate, no matter what the public desire. First the guns: In case for some amazing reason you missed it – Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford has been … Continue reading

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Science Funding cuts are political not a reflection of elitist science

In the US and the UK governments are making or threatening science education and funding cuts, is that partly the fault of scientists being ‘elitist’ ? Today is the first day of the new Republican Majority Congress in the US … Continue reading

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