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That’s why I am in it, for the money

I became a scientist, because of the money, really as Simon Jenkins pointed out, so I could live off the earnings of other people. And OH what a fortune I make, because academics are the most highly paid of all … Continue reading

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Victorians, homeopathy and the sea

Shirking work this morning, I went for a sea-swim today, because it is warm and lovely and I happen to live near it, the sea… Swimming in the English channel is a bit rough and a bit exhausting – even … Continue reading

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China is becoming more progressive than the UK

So China just announced it is opening up its trade and (slowly) letting the Yuan float free – previously they have kept the Yuan fixed against the dollar, in part, to make exports to other countries cheap. This, I think, … Continue reading

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Persevering against all odds is NOT the way forward

Beware of the hype.. Most of us love a good old perseverance, against all odds, pulling yourself up by your boot straps story. And there are thousands of them about scientific people – some apocryphal, some mythological and some of … Continue reading

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Facts shmacts

in support of Dr. Goldacre… There is a recent controversy between Ben Goldacre and Jeremy Laurance concerning Goldacre’s ‘attack’ on health journalists. Laurance, doesn’t like it, and one of the points he brings up is that Goldacre doesn’t know the … Continue reading

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Prince Charles, keepin’ it real for mother earth

worried about the evils of the world? I know! Lets blame science and science driven consumerism… or Galileo, he started it you know… Prince Charles speaking at the Oxford Centre for Islamic studies a few days ago, seems to know … Continue reading

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Monkeys can’t take their booze

and neither can adolescents… IT WILL ROT YOUR BRAIN New Scientist reports in an article Binge Drinking Rots Teenage Brains that if you binge drink as a teen, your stem cells are going to die and you will have lasting … Continue reading

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