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Communication breakdown

Twitter is dead. Long live … whatever comes next. Twitter actually died a few years back. It was around about the time when your timeline began to fill up with images. About the same time that The Algorithm started showing … Continue reading Continue reading

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On postnatal depression

I’m going to file this under “Better late than never”, cross-indexed to “No shit, Sherlock”. Discussion of mental health has over the last several years become less taboo than it was.  It doesn’t seem that long ago (it was 14 … Continue reading Continue reading

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Girls on film

You will remember, in the Before Times, how Professor Robert Kelly’s interview with the BBC was photobombed by his children (and how ninja-ly his wife, Jung-a Kim, rounded them up). Even then I thought how very humanizing was this little … Continue reading Continue reading

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On occupational hazards

(First posted over at the day job.) On Christmas Day I received an email. It was addressed to my 7-year-old son, and it told him that his coronavirus test was positive. There were mixed emotions.

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On fraud, redux

One of the worst things about the pandemic is that it reminded me that once upon a time I was really rather good at RT-PCR. And that reminded me of when I spent 8 months in Sydney trying to replicate … Continue reading

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Sounds of the suburbs

I’m sitting outside our apartment at Podere Castellaccia, the evening sun still quite high as the maestrale warms the porch. Our apartment is Grecale, the colder, northeast wind. Castellaccia is a fattoria and azienda vinicola; their olive oil is superb … Continue reading

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“ Hey Mike. Mike? Mike. Mike, can you hear me? Cannn youu hearrrr meee.

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If music be the food of love, rock on

One of the problems of having so many websites is knowing which particular wibble goes to which one. And generating enough content to keep them fed, of course. Confessions has been neglected of late—not because I want to, or am … Continue reading

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The Twelfth of Never

I may have mentioned once or twice the collaborative webstory that germinated a decade ago and half a world away (quite [lab-]literally). In fact, I’ve just found on my Mac a file from December 2006, with some notes on how … Continue reading

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My blue heaven

Wordsworth lost it when he saw fields of daffodils. I wonder what he thought of bluebells. It’s been a busy 2 weeks—a long-awaited holiday from work, with my birthday in the middle. Staycations around here always end up with a … Continue reading

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Alice’s Restaurant Massacree

I fell a bit behind with the shopping lists, which is a shame because I really wanted to show you this one before Christmas. It’s a full-blown pre-Christmas shop. Right at the top we’ve got mistletoe and greenery—both queried though: … Continue reading

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Twelve days of Christmas

View this post on Instagram On the seventh day of Christmas. #Whitstable A post shared by Richard & Jenny (@rpgjlr) on Dec 31, 2018 at 2:11am PST So that was Christmas. And what I did was a little project that … Continue reading

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There are worse things I could do

Hastily snapped this, as we went into the shop. But to be clear, the mystery shopper wanted the same number of fillets as en croute. Perhaps they were having coeliacs around? An engineer’s or a computer programmer’s brain behind this … Continue reading

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Town Called Malice

I went to a gig on Friday night. That in itself is probably worth a blog post, but this gig was a bit special because the Younger Pawn was playing bass in a band called Charles and the Big Boys, … Continue reading

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Rock Lobster

This list is written on a crumpled Post-It note. I like it. Crisp, business-like, no nonsense. Actually scrunched up to be discarded when it had served its purpose.

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