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John Jackson OBE (1934 – 2023)

It is good to read about a life well-lived, I think. Especially if you struggle with your own existential dread. (Following Covid, isn’t that all of us, to a degree?) My mother’s Uncle, John, to us “Uncle John” even though … Continue reading Continue reading

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I am evangelical about this

PhD students should* consider industry roles; academics should not dissuade them. Ten years ago today I began what I now refer to as my industry detour, a decade spent as a statistical consultant in the pharmaceutical industry. I went directly: … Continue reading Continue reading

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Computers these days

When I was in primary school, in the early nineties, Tesco ran a scheme called Computers for Schools. Shopping at Tesco earned paper vouchers which were collected by local schools. When a school had collected enough vouchers, they could spend them … Continue reading Continue reading

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Darwin and the divine

On Boxing Day, Jerry Coyne posted his blog post The New York Times touts religious miracles as proof of God. In his post, Coyne deconstructs an essay published in the New York Times. The essay by Molly Worthern uses individual … Continue reading Continue reading

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Do one day at a time. If you can’t do a day at a time, do an hour at a time. If you can’t do an hour at a time, go minute by minute. If you can’t do minutes, do … Continue reading

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What is it like to go dating for the first time?

In the video, I explore what it is like to go dating for the first time. With thanks to Kate Smurthwaite (who introduces me here and who taught me stand-up comedy), City Academy (through whom I took this course) and … Continue reading

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Making it up as I go along

Until recently, I dreaded public speaking. Hated it, even. No-one told me, when I set out to become a scientist, that presenting my work in front of an audience would be expected. Being scheduled to give a talk, to immediate … Continue reading

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The New Awkward

WhatsApp. It’s like Twitter, but better curated. Blogging lends itself to the meta. Over the years, when I have been battered, bruised and even left bleeding from online exchanges, I think back to my abrupt and unintentional induction into science communication; … Continue reading

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Ten papers for ten years

Scientific paper clip-art Blogging Beyond is about ten years old now.  To celebrate, here are ten papers I like, in chronological order by publication date. Each is accompanied by a short justification for its inclusion in this list. 

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Making real change happen

For those of my readers who are new to my writing, karibuni. Stay with me. The video is for the sake of nostalgia. I am going through a nostalgic phase at the moment.

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Erika, undergraduate edition, with a fellow student. I do love how I used to be as an undergraduate. During a clear out, I found an academic diary from the first year of my undergraduate studies.

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Commuting and communities

Biodiversity in Stevenage Stevenage, Hertfordshire Outpost of The Crick, closed Sundays after 1pm 80 Dartmouth Park Hill, London N19

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Self promotion

Self-promotion via Bad Science Jokes I do find the trope that women do not self-promote tiresome. If I self-promote, does this mean that I am not a woman? It is not in my nature to do disco moves in a … Continue reading

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Father’s Day

One of the few issues on which my parents both took the same, apparently unwavering and absolute position was that of the sanctity of the secret ballot. Vote, my father said. No vote, no voice, he said. People died for … Continue reading

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When in doubt, read the instructions is to productivity what aphorisms are to meaning.

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