Screenshot 2022-12-01 at 08.26.26You’ll both be aware by now that my recent tome was shortlisted for the Royal Society Insight Investment Science Book Prize for 2022. You’ll recall that my book kept some mighty company, so imagine my surprise and delight when, at a ceremony on 29 November, that it was voted the winner. Please head over to the book’s official website for all the hoopla.

About Henry Gee

Henry Gee is an author, editor and recovering palaeontologist, who lives in Cromer, Norfolk, England, with his family and numerous pets, inasmuch as which the contents of this blog and any comments therein do not reflect the opinions of anyone but myself, as they don't know where they've been.
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2 Responses to Apotheosis

  1. Kazi Mahboob Hassan says:

    Dear Sir

    I am reading your wonderful book, A (Very) Short History of Life on Earth.

    I tried to find the answer to one phrase.. in chapter five –

    Their heads were wide, but their faces flattened as if they spent their lives chasing parked cars.

    chasing parked car looks like a UK saying, couldn’t find on the internet,

    just wanted to know what it means.

    Thank you so much.


    • Henry Gee says:

      Dear Kazi – I am glad you are enjoying my book. ‘Chasing parked cars’ is one of my father’s inventions, possibly. He used to say that some dogs, such as pugs, or bulldogs, had flat faces because they ‘chased parked cars’.

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