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On self-promotion, funding and energy ant!

In any UK-funded science grant application you have to write a bit about yourself and how great you are. Most people I know find this bit really hard; a few really don’t – I know some people who seem to … Continue reading

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Science Funding cuts are political not a reflection of elitist science

In the US and the UK governments are making or threatening science education and funding cuts, is that partly the fault of scientists being ‘elitist’ ? Today is the first day of the new Republican Majority Congress in the US … Continue reading

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Big news, US protects its own self interests and is often a bit nasty about it

AND? I, like billions of other people, spent a large portion of yesterday evening trawling through some of the wikileaked US diplomatic cables. I found myself somewhat, well disappointed. Is that it? The secure yet unsecured diplomatic network the US … Continue reading

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US politics are not UK politics, don’t believe the hype!

and please PLEASE stop worrying about the stupid Tea Party. I have spoken to several folks in the UK about the US election results. Varying between fear and bewilderment, its a general perception that US voters are crazy and that, … Continue reading

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