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Evidence-based policy is a good thing – but please proceed with caution.

Science is full of observable facts. Fact, when I drop a hammer off the top of the Shard, it’s going to fall to the ground. It doesn’t matter if I drop it or Brian Cox drops it (either Brian Cox) … Continue reading

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Should we fund projects or people?

Its a question put out there by Times Correspondent Hannah Devlin on Twitter. I think the answer is a resounding, projects, projects can I say it again projects. Idealistically it is certainly true you should fund the best people: I … Continue reading

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Death by a thousand cuts: is it time for a change?

Just in case I wasn’t paying enough attention to the news or even Twitter, last week I got an email from the EPSRC saying.. As a result of the 50% reduction to the Research Councils capital budget, EPSRC has taken … Continue reading

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Scientists need to ask ‘important’ questions – oh and stop “whingeing”

Scientists need to ask ‘important’ questions – oh and stop “whingeing” Science question time on Feb 16th – put on by the Biochemical Society, CaSE (Campaign for Science and Engineering) and the good folks from Imperial College was, I thought, … Continue reading

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Science Funding cuts are political not a reflection of elitist science

In the US and the UK governments are making or threatening science education and funding cuts, is that partly the fault of scientists being ‘elitist’ ? Today is the first day of the new Republican Majority Congress in the US … Continue reading

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On being a ‘foot soldier’

Or cannon fodder speaking out. In case you haven’t heard, science funding in the UK is under threat. From Paul Nurse, who said we need to fund only ‘excellent’ science to Vince Cable who thinks 45% of research in the … Continue reading

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Ensuring that there really will be no jam tomorrow-

STOP IT GEORGE OSBORNE Shutting down research facilities today? Does this mean Jam tomorrow? No! No! No! It’s short-sighted and stupid. Even Margaret Thatcher knew that… The ISIS facility in Oxfordshire (a neutron source in danger of being ‘mothballed’) was … Continue reading

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China is becoming more progressive than the UK

So China just announced it is opening up its trade and (slowly) letting the Yuan float free – previously they have kept the Yuan fixed against the dollar, in part, to make exports to other countries cheap. This, I think, … Continue reading

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Persevering against all odds is NOT the way forward

Beware of the hype.. Most of us love a good old perseverance, against all odds, pulling yourself up by your boot straps story. And there are thousands of them about scientific people – some apocryphal, some mythological and some of … Continue reading

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Ivory towers, science and society

why it takes all kinds Ok it appears there is no more money – I mean science, research, business innovation, technology and higher education money, where both the US and the UK governments are making cuts. (see my previous post) … Continue reading

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