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On Dawkins and Ignorance

Racism – it exists.  It’s not easy to talk about, it’s something most of us don’t want to talk about in the hope it will just go away.  It hasn’t.  I find it awkward to talk about it myself, largely … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins – man of literacy (you only need the special key)

I try to ignore Richard Dawkins, I really do. I think his stance on religion vs. science is a misinterpretation of how science works – apples and oranges and all that. This week on Twitter, the man had some sort … Continue reading

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On being wrong – or not completely right

Stephen J Gould is one of my heroes, one of my favourite scientists. One of his best books, in my opinion, is The Mismeasure of Man – which was written in part to challenge the use of IQ tests, phrenology … Continue reading

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Oxford Dons – Leave the internet alone!

So we all know the story about Baroness Susan Greenfield and the internet and how she thinks it might be causing autism (among other things) where she famously said: “It could be the case that this different environment is changing … Continue reading

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On Cable, Dawkins and the Papal Visit

The uproar(s) seems to be largely a matter of tone… Vince Cable, his remarks are condescending in general, speaking as if scientists are just a bunch of naughty school children who want more cake off the tax-payers dime. The tone … Continue reading

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Just because you are a scientist doesn’t mean you are morally superior.

Although we sometimes tend to think so – and this isn’t helped by scientists who purport to be morally superior by the fact that they are ‘rational thinkers’ Some scientists like Richard Dawkins appear to think that rational thought (or … Continue reading

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