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The week Britain went crazy

I think Britain has gone mad – It used to be Keep Calm and Carry On in the face of a crisis- now its more like Run Around, Panic and come up with wacky ideas. Maybe the whole world has … Continue reading

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Why is science important?

Alom Shaha runs a webpage called “Why is science important?” where amongst other things, people, some scientists some not, give their veiws on why science is important. I wrote something for this if you care to look “Discoveries come in … Continue reading

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On being a ‘foot soldier’

Or cannon fodder speaking out. In case you haven’t heard, science funding in the UK is under threat. From Paul Nurse, who said we need to fund only ‘excellent’ science to Vince Cable who thinks 45% of research in the … Continue reading

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Prince Charles, keepin’ it real for mother earth

worried about the evils of the world? I know! Lets blame science and science driven consumerism… or Galileo, he started it you know… Prince Charles speaking at the Oxford Centre for Islamic studies a few days ago, seems to know … Continue reading

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Do we really need another sputnik before we do something?

Do you like your mobile phone? Do you like the fact that you can use the world wide web to connect with your friends? do you like using your iphone when you sit on a delayed train? Yes? Than why … Continue reading

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Science takes time and we are not all going to die…

well we are, but not by a world taken over by synthetic beings in the near future… Science isn’t very fast, even though it often seems like it especially when we read media reports about ‘new’ scientific breakthroughs… Last week, … Continue reading

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Dumb and Dumber: the mismeasure of women

Oh no here we go again.. Every 5 – 10 years the good old IQ debate comes up…. and usually some minority comes out on bottom, women, African-Americans – yet no one ever asks themselves why is it that White … Continue reading

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Science funding, where do we go from here???

Science needs a Saatchi! Whether you supported the Lib Dems or Labour, or even the Conservatives things are looking pretty dire for science funding. As the New Scientist says in the elections ‘Science is the Loser’. Science is, or rather … Continue reading

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If you vote for science, which party do you choose?

I think its gotta be Labour…. The general buzz (twitter, blogs, newspapers, etc) is that the Lib Dems are the best on science, so if you want to save science – Vote Lib Dem! But it depends on which bit … Continue reading

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Just because you are a scientist doesn’t mean you are morally superior.

Although we sometimes tend to think so – and this isn’t helped by scientists who purport to be morally superior by the fact that they are ‘rational thinkers’ Some scientists like Richard Dawkins appear to think that rational thought (or … Continue reading

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