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On watching my country go crazy – and why science is important

Like much of the rest of America (and the world) I have been watching US shutdown theatre in horror. I posted a few years ago about how I didn’t think the Tea Party was the end of Democracy as we … Continue reading

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On self-promotion, funding and energy ant!

In any UK-funded science grant application you have to write a bit about yourself and how great you are. Most people I know find this bit really hard; a few really don’t – I know some people who seem to … Continue reading

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Why we need Neutrons for science

So you may not know it, but one of the world’s premier scientific research facilities is in Oxfordshire. Its not the University of Oxford I am referring to, but the ISIS neutron and muon source at Rutherford Appleton Lab outside … Continue reading

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‘The death of british science’? Really ?

I almost don’t feel I can comment -but of course I am going to anyway. Today I watched, or rather half-watched via twitter and other media outlets, the protest about ‘the death of British science’. The protesters, about 100 strong, … Continue reading

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Help, Industry save the UK science funding

(oh and yes I still blog) I was going to write about Willetts and his speech – but really I missed the boat. I was going to write about a paper I published a few years back to let folk … Continue reading

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