It has not escaped our notice

Cock flavour soup mix

And this, boys and girls, is why a good copywriter is worth their weight in cock. I mean, gold.

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2 Responses to It has not escaped our notice

  1. amy says:

    It’s a bit aggressive, isn’t it.

    Though I had a rude shock the other day when I opened up a bag of oyster crackers and they tasted, I kid you not, like balls. It wasn’t what I’d been after, nor had I intended to buy transgendered crackers. Since I am a tolerant sort, though, I ate them.

  2. And a good translator is valuable beyond measure!

    My Dad has a similar story about a Frenchman addressing a group of assembled high school language teachers from all over Europe. He was bringing an end to the evening session because of an early start the next day, and used some French idiom about getting a good night’s sleep before adding “or, as you English say, ‘Early to bed and up with the cock!'”

    He has another story about a translator for a conference in Normandy announcing that a technical hitch had been solved by Norman wisdom, and all the English delegates promptly falling about laughing… this is why you should only ever translate into your native language!

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