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Girls on film

You will remember, in the Before Times, how Professor Robert Kelly‚Äôs interview with the BBC was photobombed by his children (and how ninja-ly his wife, Jung-a Kim, rounded them up). Even then I thought how very humanizing was this little … Continue reading

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Three Steps to Heaven, Mk II

You may remember that two years ago, after much nudging, I created and published a guide for corporate twits. I haven’t tweeted in a corporate capacity since, although I have remained responsible for more ‘serious’ accounts than my personal one, … Continue reading

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On why

The other morning, between about 7.30 and 8.45, I had a long, involved and very realistic dream. In it, I visited the MRC LMB in Cambridge, to discover that it had been partly rebuilt into a modern, if not downright … Continue reading

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Three steps to Heaven

Back in August I finally got around to writing the ‘Corporate Twitter Guide’ they’d been on at me to produce. Being the sort of guy I am, I actually did it in twenty tweets. Because I’ve just spent five minutes … Continue reading

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Who are you?

I asked someone to send me a brief CV in relation to something I was doing for the day job. They took me at my word, and sent this haiku: I sit on my butt Hiding from controversy Dispensing wisdom … Continue reading

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For we all, like sheep

Here the UK we have an “e-petition” website, where you can get get a bunch of like-minded people to sign up to your latest crazy idea and if you can find another 99,999 crazies then the Government has said it … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

All being well, I’ll be at Midnight Communion when this post goes live. It’s the first I’ve been to in a good number of years. It’s been a stressful time recently, what with one thing and another (getting this place … Continue reading

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