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If music be the food of love, rock on

One of the problems of having so many websites is knowing which particular wibble goes to which one. And generating enough content to keep them fed, of course. Confessions has been neglected of late—not because I want to, or am … Continue reading

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On being the blogfather

More than a little while ago I used to write a not unsuccessful weblog. This was all very nice and froody and I had quite the following. Then something happened. What happened, and I’m still not really sure how or … Continue reading

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I won’t apologize

But I have every sympathy with John Rennie. Read it, please. And forgive me.

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Fairytale of New York

Some attain blogging, some are born to it; and others have it thrust upon them. Here, then, is my new home. And it’s mine, all mine. Apart from those other people over there. My, isn’t this place clean?

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