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Alice’s Restaurant Massacree

In other news, Australia’s ongoing experiment with biological warfare doesn’t appear to be having any more success than it did with cane toads. “Killing dingoes has side effects” (and presumably not just for the dingoes) screams the Nature Research Highlights … Continue reading

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Yakety sax

I made this a couple of years ago, but seeing as it’s almost Christmas I thought I should bring it out for another airing. Those of you who remember ‘Benny Hill’ should get a chuckle out of it; the rest … Continue reading

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Big angry macrophage

Those of you who know anything about British popular culture will no doubt be familiar with Benny Hill. The Benny Hill Show was long-running and immensely popular—although it was often accused of being sexist, it was the men who were … Continue reading

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Online women in science

Back in January I was in North Carolina to participate in the Borafest—that is, Science Online 2011. The main reason for going was a little project cooked up with Jenny Rohn and Karen James. To wit: we wanted to film … Continue reading

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