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On fraud, redux

One of the worst things about the pandemic is that it reminded me that once upon a time I was really rather good at RT-PCR. And that reminded me of when I spent 8 months in Sydney trying to replicate … Continue reading

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On the road

Protein Dimerization and Oligomerization in Biology is a textbook that can be yours for the princely sum of £126. I know this because last week I received an email from a cove in India wanting a copy of a chapter … Continue reading

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Gonna build a house

Let’s pretend. Say you came to me and said that your family wanted a new house. And that you were contracting me and my firm of experienced architects and house-builders to do the job. And oh, you say, could we … Continue reading

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On why

The other morning, between about 7.30 and 8.45, I had a long, involved and very realistic dream. In it, I visited the MRC LMB in Cambridge, to discover that it had been partly rebuilt into a modern, if not downright … Continue reading

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On taking notes

Cath’s post on whether it’s good manners to take some means of taking notes to a seminar, when you’ve been specifically asked for feedback, reminds me of a seminar I had the dubious pleasure to attend at a certain University … Continue reading

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The Chain

Listen to the wind blow, watch the sun rise At this time of night, if the lights on the Addenbrookes roundabout are kind to me—and they usually are, because the sensors pick me up as I approach—three minutes and two … Continue reading

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