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On taking a good look at ourselves

Cross-posted from Naturally Selected for added controversy. Perhaps the most distinctive and powerful thing about Science is its tendency, or rather proclivity to ask searching, even uncomfortable questions. And unlike belief systems, or ideological and political and movements, or pseudoscience, … Continue reading

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On peer review and trials by Twitter

(Edited to add: just three seconds after hitting ‘publish’ I saw that Girl, Interrupting, has a very fine post making some of the same points. Please read that, too.) Towards the end of last year, the day job ran an … Continue reading

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On hair

M’learned Australian colleague, Steve ‘The Pogmeister’ Pogonowski, writes about a press release we, eh, released today. It features a fantastic F1000 reviewer, one Robert Sapolsky, who in addition to being able to turn out phrases such as irresistible human neuroethology … Continue reading

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