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I will never buy a ‘Big Issue’…

… because a Big Issue seller came into the pub, and stole my wallet and phone.

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On running scared

(Crosspost from All your basepair are belong to us). A question for the god-like entities inhabiting NPG: following yesterday’s speech by Vince Cable, was there a spike in traffic to

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On venerable Institutions

Battle lines are drawn at the RI, it appears. Join up now! It’s only £30, and you know you want to. Although as our resident pedant, SCurry Imperial points out, it helps to know what day you’re supposed to have … Continue reading

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On Monday

No broadband at home, a new career, and a blog platform that makes kittens cry. And then there’s R78KG7Y8VQTY Stupid technorati.

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On Titles

If, for the sake of argument (and I’m not looking at Grrlscientist over there), I was to come up with a new blog, or a new name for an existing one, what would you recommend? The blog in question will … Continue reading

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On science, funding and budget cuts

I suspect that most scientists, at some point in their professional career, have been asked asked by their family or friends what is it they actually do. I guess that only a small proportion have been able to convey the … Continue reading

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On shameless meta-blogging

blushes I missed this when I first saw it, but I’m a finalist in the Best Blog — Philosophy, Research, or Scholarship category. The nominated post is my rant on PR. Vote early; vote often. If you can be arsed, … Continue reading

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On hot lemon action

or what to do if a Dutch Canadian offers you a packet of white powder I went home early on Friday. I was running a temperature, sneezing unreservedly and feeling more than a little under the weather. The boss took … Continue reading

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On a new publishing model

*UPDATE 2: We have a winner!* *UPDATE: ENTRIES SO FAR* Twitter, what is it good for? Hunh. There’s been rather an interesting couple of posts over at the Scholarly Kitchen, recently. What am I saying? They’re all interesting. Anyway, Kent … Continue reading

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On doing the Feynman

Via David Bradley, I came across the Valentine for a Scientist meme. This started on Kat Arney’s Facebook page, apparently, and is now taking over Twitter. What you have to do is substitute a scientist’s name into the lyrics of … Continue reading

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