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Girls on film

You will remember, in the Before Times, how Professor Robert Kelly‚Äôs interview with the BBC was photobombed by his children (and how ninja-ly his wife, Jung-a Kim, rounded them up). Even then I thought how very humanizing was this little … Continue reading

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My iron lung (redux)

The is a modified version of a couple of posts that originally appeared in December 2006 on ‘Life of a lab rat’, my blog at the University of Sydney. Which is now sadly defunct. It’s not what you know, it … Continue reading

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Downbound Train

A funny thing happened on the way to Borough this evening. The train was delayed as we pulled into Old Street. The driver said there was a faulty train ahead being taken out of service. He warned us that lots … Continue reading

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More to a sinner

When people ask who were my influences, I find it difficult to give a straight answer. I cannot name a childhood hero in whose footsteps I wanted to follow, neither was there someone whose guidance or mentoring I’d particularly like … Continue reading

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On nominations

There’s no way to read the full article without a multi-hundred pound subscription, but I see that Research Fortnight UK has announced its nominations for the Research Fortnight award: Policy stars shortlisted for Research Fortnight award 02-11-2011 The chief executive … Continue reading

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So long, Steve, and thanks…

Without further comment.

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On hero worship

It’s difficult for me to say who is (or was) my greatest scientific hero. Partly, I think, because growing up I never really thought of science as a potential career (in fact, the only thing I can remember about careers … Continue reading

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On survival

There’s a comment on my work blog that says, essentially, “fuck people: what about the fluffy animals?”. It’s funny, but perhaps uniquely in the history of Planet Earth (if not the Universe) we as humans are in a position to … Continue reading

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On philosophy

At this point Festus interrupted Paul’s defense. “You are out of your mind, Paul!” he shouted. “Your great learning is driving you insane.” Acts 26:24, NIV Theodore Zeldin is a philosopher. As far as I can work out, this means … Continue reading

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