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Get off of my cloud

In my previous life, I pontificated on the etiquette of iPods and in particular the signals that earbuds send out. My central thesis was that if you were foolish enough to approach someone at the lab bench who was wearing … Continue reading

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On leakage

Apparently there’s a word for it. I did it once, when I went to work at a small (and doomed) startup company in Cambridge, back in the tail end of 1997. I did it again four and a bit years … Continue reading

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No fishing

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On peer review, part 451 (b)

I had a conversation on twitter last night with m’learned friend Nige, who runs the most ethical small business I know of. He pointed me at this blog post by Richard Smith at the BMJ, What is post publication peer … Continue reading

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On health and safety gorn mad

The graduate student came running into the lab. “The centrifuge is on fire!” We’re talking quite a while ago now. The centrifuge, an old bench-top Heraeus, was a clunky old blue thing, top speed of about 5,000 rpm according to … Continue reading

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On the lunatics, and the asylum

We’re doomed, aren’t we? Herbal remedies are to be held to the same standards as other medicine. Naturally, the loonies are up in arms about this, possibly because paying for testing will eat into their profits. Their comments are at … Continue reading

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On boggling

You know, I really hate to send traffic over to Pharyngula, because it’s rather tiresome and whatnot, but Henry Gee just alerted me to something quite extraordinary. There’s a lovely, well-crafted Futures this week (sorry, subscription required) by Shelly Li. … Continue reading

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On advertising

Now, we know that advertisers lie to us. It’s right there in the DNA. But here’s a little competition for you. This is (part of) an advert in this week’s Nature. Can you tell what made me so cross about … Continue reading

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