Do you remember the first time?

It is a thing of beauty.

That should be enough.

For now.

I love the instructions.

PS. Does anybody want 2x2GB of PC3 RAM?

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4 Responses to Do you remember the first time?

  1. Ah, long has it been since I stuffed extra RAM into a computer. Fun and games.

    Did the glass of wine help?

  2. rpg says:

    It was remarkably easy. The first Mac I ever put RAM into was an LC475–quite compact and easy to do. Then one of those big desktop powermacs—lots of space and a real bugger. But this laptop, again, very compact, beautifully engineered, instructions on the inside of the battery cover and as I say, very, very easy.

  3. cromercrox says:

    Many years ago when the world was young, my bro-in-law, who unlike me is a tech whiz, was replacing a 386 board in my PC with a 486 board (or maybe he was replacing the 486 with a Pentium – however, this alone should tell you that it really WAS many years ago.) But I digress. While he was doing it, we were listening to a tape of Round The Horne. The antics of Rambling Sid Rumpo, as he described the plaintive lament of the young cordwangler, who, having nadgered his own moolies, is forced to put down his splod in an alien place, made my bro-in-law shudder with mirth. That motherboard never really did work properly.

  4. “Ah, long has it been since I stuffed extra RAM into a computer.”

    Indeed. Long time has it been for me also, Young Padawan.

    I taught myself how to construct and upgrade PCs back when they were still nearly-a-thousand-pounds expensive for the low end models. Of course, they almost immediately got much cheaper…. S that ‘skill.’ along with many of my other Quixotic enthusiasms, became instantly obsolete.

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