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On biological modelling

You can take the rat out of the lab… … but you can’t complete translation without a ribosome.

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On why

The other morning, between about 7.30 and 8.45, I had a long, involved and very realistic dream. In it, I visited the MRC LMB in Cambridge, to discover that it had been partly rebuilt into a modern, if not downright … Continue reading

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Science is Vital meets David Willetts

Cross-posted from Science is Vital. Following the publication of our report on science careers in the UK, which drew on nearly 700 responses to a call for evidence, members of the Science is Vital team met with Minister of State … Continue reading

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On keeping a good notebook

(Lazy cross-post time: also at Naturally Selected) One of the first and most important things a neophyte scientist learns–or at least, is taught–is the importance of keeping a comprehensive and accurate record. We all know it’s a good thing, and … Continue reading

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At the pub the other night, I was asking how a friend was doing. He was particularly busy, it appears, because he had to attend students’ exhibitions, located inexplicably at inconvenient and distant locations the length and breadth of town. … Continue reading

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Big angry macrophage

Those of you who know anything about British popular culture will no doubt be familiar with Benny Hill. The Benny Hill Show was long-running and immensely popular—although it was often accused of being sexist, it was the men who were … Continue reading

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On the hairy nature of light—redux

A while ago I reported on an experiment. Using my laser beam I demonstrated the wave nature of light, by measuring its diffraction. One of the referees, for reasons of poetry, wanted to see the experiment repeated with a different … Continue reading

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On the hairy nature of light

One of the least strange physical phenomena is that light behaves like a wave. Some of the time, at least. (The Younger Pawn asked if she could surf on light, if it was a wave. I said only if she … Continue reading

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Hello folks at world! Greetings from sunny North Carolina (yes, ‘sunny’), where men are real men, women are real women, and science bloggers come to pay homage to the blogfather. Yup, it’s Science Online 2011, where I am but one … Continue reading

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