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Libraries are radical institutions

In this week’s issue of The Lancet Richard Horton’s editorial)61264-7 extols the role of libraries in the modern world. My first instinct on reading it was to applaud. It’s always nice when someone notices libraries and librarians and nicer still … Continue reading

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Documenting the early years

Sitting in a café recently I had a laughing fit into my double expresso over a cartoon in the newspaper I was browsing. It depicted two English Literature professors (you knew they were English Literature professors because they sported bad … Continue reading

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Who needs information skills?

Alan Bennett is a fine dramatist. His television monologues can hold your attention with just one character, and can be uncomfortably truthful. In A woman of no importance (1982) office worker Peggy Schofield is a fussy middle-aged spinster obsessed with … Continue reading

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Trading Knowledge

Names are important things; they stay with you throughout your life. The same goes for blog titles – they may not be lifelong but they certainly have persistence and so require some careful thought. I can have a sense of … Continue reading

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