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A couple of historical exhibitions

Further to my recent musings about Walter Morley Fletcher, I was interested to see a couple of exhibitions advertised, both in London. The Royal Society have mounted an exhibition Frederick Gowland Hopkins and the Chemistry of Life, to mark the … Continue reading

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Moving towards movement, by Jove

Sometimes you look round and realise that the world has changed. It has been changing little by little so gradually that you didn’t notice but then you realise “Aha! The much predicted and talked-about convergence of TV and computing has … Continue reading

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Wikipedia is quite engaging

Wikipedia and its role in science keeps cropping up on my radar recently. Matt Jukes pointed out last week, in a talk to a group of Science Communications people, that a decent article in Wikipedia about a science topic would … Continue reading

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Walter Morley Fletcher

The lecture hall in my Institute dates back to the 1930s. It has a simple design with excellent acoustics, typical of its era. It is called the Fletcher Memorial Hall, which begs the question – who he? Just outside the … Continue reading

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Peer review inquiry – written evidence

I wrote a couple of months back about the background to the Science & Technology Select Committee’s inquiry into peer review. The Select Committee has published all the written evidence submitted to its inquiry. The publication of written evidence provides … Continue reading

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Copy – right or wrong?

Copying is entwined with technology, and ideas about copyright have changed as technology changes. In the days of stone tablets I don’t think many people worried about copyright. The invention of pen and ink (see this lovely brief history of … Continue reading

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Is this the killer application for researchers?

Colwiz stands for ‘collective wisdom’ (terrible name!). It advertises itself as ‘research management, collaboration and productivity in one place for free’ and has just been launched by a group of scientists at Oxford University. They say it will help you … Continue reading

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