Trading Knowledge is written by Frank Norman. Frank manages the Library & Information Service at the Francis Crick Institute, with responsibility for seeing that the researchers have access to a modern scientific information resource and that research outputs from the Crick are made open.

Trading Knowledge was previously hosted at Nature Network.

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  1. Steve Cook says:

    I enjoyed your write up on the Royal Society Library Frank. I try to write up similar events myself but my blog shows that I’m behind schedule. I’ll keep an eye out for the next visit to the RSL or attend one of the talks.

  2. aeon says:

    Frank, comments under your last post on categories are closed, it seems. Therefore, I’ll leave this here, to your amusement. Feel free to delete the comment afterwards!
    Now, have a look on how people discuss on the internet (and, as I am pleased to add on this instances: with style!) questions which are very much related to your work as a librarian.

    Now, categorise /this/:

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