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Chemistry – feel the love

My first love in science was chemistry. It was the usual story of an inspiring and eccentric teacher who stoked my interest and got me hooked on transformations, equations and the periodic table. OK, so the bangs, colours and smells … Continue reading

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Required reading

Earlier this year Heather drew attention to Vivian Siegel’s editorials on supporting outreach efforts and on authorship and acknowledgement. I’m ashamed to say I did not see Heather’s post at the time but am pleased to find it now as … Continue reading

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Subscriptions and open access fees

Paying for open access has been on my mind recently. All those “open choice”, “author choice”, “open option”, “open article”, “online open”, “open science” and other similar schemes (why does each publisher have to have a different name for the … Continue reading

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Changed relations

Bora wrote recently about various aspects of power and how “online” has changed the balance of power in different ways. I want to talk about how the advent of e-journals has changed the power of publishers and other players in … Continue reading

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