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Big publishing, big deals, big relief

I heaved a sigh of relief today. My last journal subscription wrinkle of 2009 has finally been ironed out. It’s a pretty big wrinkle (the big deal of one of the big four publishers) and needed a mighty iron to … Continue reading

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Remix – copyright again

I wrote previously about copyright, and the way that entertainment is influencing science. If you are interested in that topic, then look up a review in this week’s Science of Laurence Lessig’s book Remix: an engaging read about how the … Continue reading

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Brief summaries on Nature online contents page

I thought I was going mad this morning as I browsed the online contents page of today’s Nature issue. When I got to the sections for Articles and Letters, the entries looked longer than usual, due to the inclusion of … Continue reading

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Research libraries? Show me the evidence

I am a fan of JISC – the Joint Information Systems Committee – I reported on their annual conference recently. I would have liked to go to the debate they organised last week on Libraries of the Future (LOTF) but … Continue reading

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