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Now that’s what I call inflation!

A great snippet from Science Insider on an out-of-print book that was advertised on Amazon for $23,698,655! The book was The Making of a Fly by Peter Lawrence (from MRC’s Lab Molecular Biology at Cambridge, not University of Cambridge as … Continue reading

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SameAs – Science, Technology and Art

This week I attended a meeting about art and science, organised by SameAs. This is a newish group that aims to bring together “interesting people from diverse backgrounds to discuss science, technology and everything in-between”. Basically it is a free … Continue reading

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Pssst! Want something to read?

Lecturer Nicholas Morton recalls his shock on being told that “Students don’t like reading”. He found this to be true – most of his students prefer computer games to books. In the Times Higher he describes his practical response to … Continue reading

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A great big store

Libraries are not all about storage these days, but for some libraries storage is still a key issue. The BLDSC is a case in point. If you have ever asked your library to get you something that they didnĀ“t have … Continue reading

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More on Wikipedia

Just a quick follow-up to my recent post about Wikipedia. Wikipedia has been in the news recently, with the BBC highlighting Cancer Research UK’s Wikipedia activity and the Guardian editorialising on the survey that the Wikimedia Foundation is running. The … Continue reading

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