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Paradigm – the sculpture

Recently I attended the first public event at the Francis Crick Institute’s new building next to St Pancras.  Ironically the event was not about science but was a conversation with an artist, sculptor Conrad Shawcross. He created the enormous sculpture … Continue reading

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SameAs – Science, Technology and Art

This week I attended a meeting about art and science, organised by SameAs. This is a newish group that aims to bring together “interesting people from diverse backgrounds to discuss science, technology and everything in-between”. Basically it is a free … Continue reading

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Monaco film festival award

I was surprised to see some familiar faces on the front cover of my local freesheet newspaper recently. This paper, The Archer, is not a typical freesheet, but a community-produced monthly newspaper which has a good deal of local content, … Continue reading

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Amsterdam’s elephants

Well, if Joanna can post gratuitous pictures of furry animals then so can I. Though mine are funny animals rather than furry animals. Last year I showed some of Liverpool’s superlambananas ; this year I show you a parade of … Continue reading

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