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Confused about my sectorality

I have a love/hate relationship with the Law of Excluded Middle. You know, it’s the logical principle that says either ‘A’ or ‘not A’ must be true; there can be no Third Way. It tells you that you can love … Continue reading

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Youth, energy and inspiration

Last week was quite busy and tiring – there were too many things going on at once at work, combined with (or causing?) a tendency for me to wake up at 4am and not get back to sleep. The most … Continue reading

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A very special feature

This week’s Nature has a special feature on schizophrenia: A special collection of articles focuses on the challenges of schizophrenia, from spotting early symptoms during adolescence to changing the stigma associated with the disease. It tells us that over 0.5% … Continue reading

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Finding history in weeding

I mentioned here recently that my Library is going through another wave of major relocation and disposal. Previous waves over the last 15 years have seen us moving large card catalogues, abstracting and indexing tools and older journals and putting … Continue reading

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Power and authority

At the beginning of this week we had the cameras in. Plus a bit of razor wire, some iron bars, fake police cars and a few actors. No doubt there were gaffers and all those other strangely-titled people that you … Continue reading

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What are libraries for and are they worth it?

Back in August Elsevier published a report that looked at what value a University library delivers to its parent institution, particularly in terms of its research.  It looked at eight institutions around the world and found that in six of … Continue reading

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