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Peering at review

The House of Commons Select Committee on Science & Technology have announced that they will conduct an inquiry into peer review. They list eight points starting with: the strengths and weaknesses of peer review as a quality control mechanism for … Continue reading

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Macaroni and Montaigne

My Facebook page is looking very macaronic these days. Forget pasta; I’m talking language here. I am not an expert on Flemish vocal music from the Renaissance period, but I sometimes listen to a CD of music by Ockeghem and … Continue reading

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Some interesting reading

This is a shameless plug for the annual volume of essays that my Institute puts out: the Mill Hill Essays. My justification is that a) they are interesting b) they are free to read on the web and we give … Continue reading

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The importance of the ephemeral

I was given a new digital radio for Christmas, and now have radios installed in every room of my flat, meaning I can listen to my beloved Radio 4 wherever I am. This morning I was interested to hear John … Continue reading

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Nature’s new position statement on open access

Nature Publishing Group (NPG) have just issued a new position statement on open access. It aims to give a useful of the company’s current activities in open access, and it sets out their policies and viewpoints with respect to open … Continue reading

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Philosophy and biology

When I was first an undergraduate, studying chemistry many moons ago, I still had some  pretension to being an intellectual.  That quickly evaporated as I discovered this intellectual stuff was, you know, HARD! But in my first year of study … Continue reading

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The end of academic libraries

This is my first real day back at work after Xmas and New Year, and my jury service.  I abjectly failed to get writing over the festive break so I am cheating and just directing your attention to a short … Continue reading

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