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Same Procedure as EVERY Year

Just to let you know: I’m refraining from posting an end of year round-up. This is partly because, since this blog only started in December 2009, nigh-on everything you will find in the archives listed on the right is from … Continue reading

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Ome sweet ome

It has been a rather exhausting December, for all kinds of reasons – one of them, though not the biggest, being the move of this blog into its new home at Occam’s Typewriter. Consequently, since my last working day at … Continue reading

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Archive Reboot Fail – I hate moving

A quick glance at the sidebar will show you that, like my friend Stephen Curry over at Reciprocal Space, I have had a go at importing the not-all-that-extensive Not Ranting… archive from the blog’s previous home. Unfortunately, the import functionality … Continue reading

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I’m a celebrity scientist – get me out of here

Henry Gee’s recent post on Dancing With the Scientists, bemoaning the lack of scientists in the currently ubiquitous celebrity reality shows, reminded me that a few years ago I had written a piece about exactly this, which I promised I … Continue reading

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Settling in

Sorry, another “place-holder” post, end of teaching semester and pre-Xmas “Help I still haven’t done XYZ!” kind of thing, all a bit frantic, hopefully some new content coming…. I’ve just penned an official sign-off post at Nature Network to indicate … Continue reading

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Imperial measures – but measuring for what?

In which we get a glimpse of the future. And it isn’t very comforting. Somewhere else in the Blogoverse, I recently wrote that: “In Universities up and down the UK, University managers are considering the implications of the Government’s funding … Continue reading

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