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No passion please, we’re scientists

In which I put a damper on all this over-invoked passion. Regular readers of this blog (you know who you are, you two – stop giggling at the back), or of others in the OT stable where I can be … Continue reading

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Dedication? Or lack of imagination?

Over in the comments at Athene Donald’s blog there is another of those extended discussions of UK science careers going on, prompted also by Jenny Rohn’s recent posts on fellowship schemes and the work of the Science is Vital campaign. … Continue reading

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Checking homeopathy – fat chance

In which I get distracted. And even more geeky. (You’ll see why – keep reading.) I am SO, SO BORED with homeopathy. Really. I would rather write about anything, practically. Like chess. Or films (movies to our US based readers). … Continue reading

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Frankly dilutional

In which I have the strong feeling that it’s Déjà vu all over again. Ah, me. Homeopathy. * Sigh * Like most scientists who write about alternative medicine and pseudoscience, I am heartily sick of writing about homeopathy. After all, … Continue reading

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Ome sweet ome

It has been a rather exhausting December, for all kinds of reasons – one of them, though not the biggest, being the move of this blog into its new home at Occam’s Typewriter. Consequently, since my last working day at … Continue reading

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Archive Reboot Fail – I hate moving

A quick glance at the sidebar will show you that, like my friend Stephen Curry over at Reciprocal Space, I have had a go at importing the not-all-that-extensive Not Ranting… archive from the blog’s previous home. Unfortunately, the import functionality … Continue reading

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