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Shame. Or should that be ‘Postdocalypse’?

Not IUPS-related tonight – but something that should concern the people there – should concern *us*. Especially the people WITH senior positions. Scientific research has a lot going for it as a job. There’s the big money, for a start. … Continue reading

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IUPS Part 1

A dispatch from the IUPS conference in Birmingham. I have to admit to some trepidation when it comes to big international mega-conferences like the IUPS (International Union of Physiological Sciences). They have never entirely agreed with me. The first conference … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday DC

It is a pleasure to wish a Happy Birthday today to my friend Professor David Colquhoun, who, as he reaches the palindromic age of 77, is still fighting the various fights for good science – and reality in general – … Continue reading

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Twenty five years without parole

In which I look back in… stunned disbelief? It has been a rather strange week here. The main reason, I think, is that last Wednesday, on Feb 1st, I passed a rather unnerving landmark – twenty-five years working for the … Continue reading

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Dedication? Or lack of imagination?

Over in the comments at Athene Donald’s blog there is another of those extended discussions of UK science careers going on, prompted also by Jenny Rohn’s recent posts on fellowship schemes and the work of the Science is Vital campaign. … Continue reading

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Not much more than a decade until the bus pass*

*assuming bus passes haven’t been abolished by then (see also a defence of bus passes┬áhere). ——————————————————————-   In which, in a post-academic-year reverie, I decide not to look forward, and try some looking back instead. So no surprise there, then. … Continue reading

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