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Yes, chess. Look away now.

In which I revisit my youth as a chess-playing dweeb. Sort of. Contrary to an earlier threat, I haven’t posted much here about my chess-playing activities over the last year and a bit. Partly this is because these days chess … Continue reading

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I blame the parents

From time to time, I am given to wondering why I have achieved so little in life generally. Answers suggested by my friends and family have included ‘laziness’ ‘not trying hard enough’ ‘lack of confidence’ ‘too unfocussed’ ‘too much procrastinating’ … Continue reading

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Twenty five years without parole

In which I look back in… stunned disbelief? It has been a rather strange week here. The main reason, I think, is that last Wednesday, on Feb 1st, I passed a rather unnerving landmark – twenty-five years working for the … Continue reading

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Bobby Fischer against the world

In which I am reminded that once stuff is in your brain somewhere cluttering it up, it can be pretty hard to get it out. Random bits of chess knowledge included. It is probably another of those middle-aged things, but … Continue reading

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Where to put the chess?

In which I ponder where to hide my latest, and oldest, obsessive enthusiasm… I have another of my chess games, played last week, I thought I might post up… but as I was thinking about this, a question arose. Or … Continue reading

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