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No surprises likely on UK University fees

To the surprise of pretty much nobody, either in the University or outside, my University has become the latest to announce that undergraduate tuition fees will rise to the full £ 9000 a year from 2012. [Formal announcement from the … Continue reading

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A cross-plug – but in a good cause

The latest issue of Physiology News, which I edit, is now up online. I wouldn’t usually plug it so blatantly – I would simply plug it marginally more sneakily, of course – but this issue contains two articles that may … Continue reading

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Tragic multiple shooting at the University of Alabama puts academic tenure review in the spotlight

The US news networks, Twitter, and now US-based science blogs are aflame with the story of American neuroscientist and nitric oxide researcher, Dr Amy Bishop, who is reported to have been charged with murder after a mass shooting at the … Continue reading

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