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Happy Birthday DC

It is a pleasure to wish a Happy Birthday today to my friend Professor David Colquhoun, who, as he reaches the palindromic age of 77, is still fighting the various fights for good science – and reality in general – … Continue reading

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Checking homeopathy – fat chance

In which I get distracted. And even more geeky. (You’ll see why – keep reading.) I am SO, SO BORED with homeopathy. Really. I would rather write about anything, practically. Like chess. Or films (movies to our US based readers). … Continue reading

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More peer review. Zzzzzz.

In which, late as ever, I remember to say something about peer review. There has been a bit of a flurry of commenting about peer review around OT just recently, with both RPG and Girl, Interrupting weighing in. The general … Continue reading

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Frankly dilutional

In which I have the strong feeling that it’s Déjà vu all over again. Ah, me. Homeopathy. * Sigh * Like most scientists who write about alternative medicine and pseudoscience, I am heartily sick of writing about homeopathy. After all, … Continue reading

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Settling in

Sorry, another “place-holder” post, end of teaching semester and pre-Xmas “Help I still haven’t done XYZ!” kind of thing, all a bit frantic, hopefully some new content coming…. I’ve just penned an official sign-off post at Nature Network to indicate … Continue reading

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It’s a conspiracy – and you’re ALL in on it

An amusing sequel (in a masochistic and depressing kind of way) to my earlier post detailing how I got involved in one of those fruitless anti-vaccine debates over at a thread on the Guardian’s website. It now appears that all … Continue reading

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