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Yes, chess. Look away now.

In which I revisit my youth as a chess-playing dweeb. Sort of. Contrary to an earlier threat, I haven’t posted much here about my chess-playing activities over the last year and a bit. Partly this is because these days chess … Continue reading

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IUPS Part 2

Now that IUPS 2013 has concluded successfully, I thought I should add a few of my conference thoughts, other than those mentioned in the earlier post.   As I am a lazy so-and-so, and I can’t muster too much thinking … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday DC

It is a pleasure to wish a Happy Birthday today to my friend Professor David Colquhoun, who, as he reaches the palindromic age of 77, is still fighting the various fights for good science – and reality in general – … Continue reading

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I blame the parents

From time to time, I am given to wondering why I have achieved so little in life generally. Answers suggested by my friends and family have included ‘laziness’ ‘not trying hard enough’ ‘lack of confidence’ ‘too unfocussed’ ‘too much procrastinating’ … Continue reading

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Gerald Elliott 1931-2013

                                                    Gerald Elliott  26th January 1931 – 6th March 2013   The media this week has … Continue reading

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Twenty five years without parole

In which I look back in… stunned disbelief? It has been a rather strange week here. The main reason, I think, is that last Wednesday, on Feb 1st, I passed a rather unnerving landmark – twenty-five years working for the … Continue reading

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