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I blame the parents

From time to time, I am given to wondering why I have achieved so little in life generally. Answers suggested by my friends and family have included ‘laziness’ ‘not trying hard enough’ ‘lack of confidence’ ‘too unfocussed’ ‘too much procrastinating’ … Continue reading

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More family business

Just a quick heads-up that my dad has posted an extended comment (or I’ve posted it for him) on the previous blogpost about his 7th decade of scientific publication. The comment has some links to more early 60s x-ray crystallography … Continue reading

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Same Procedure as EVERY Year

Just to let you know: I’m refraining from posting an end of year round-up. This is partly because, since this blog only started in December 2009, nigh-on everything you will find in the archives listed on the right is from … Continue reading

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Ome sweet ome

It has been a rather exhausting December, for all kinds of reasons – one of them, though not the biggest, being the move of this blog into its new home at Occam’s Typewriter. Consequently, since my last working day at … Continue reading

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I’m a celebrity scientist – get me out of here

Henry Gee’s recent post on Dancing With the Scientists, bemoaning the lack of scientists in the currently ubiquitous celebrity reality shows, reminded me that a few years ago I had written a piece about exactly this, which I promised I … Continue reading

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Do some science, you !*!!

Back a few days now from several weeks of holiday beyond the reach of broadband – yes, such places do still exist, even in Northern Europe – and am re-adjusting slowly. I feel rather de-inspired blogwise, though. It may be … Continue reading

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