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Father’s Day

I must admit I hadn’t noticed it was Father’s Day until I switched on the computer this morning, what with us being a notoriously ‘Something’s Day’-averse lot at Chez Elliott. I was, BTW, not woken with croissants and coffee. let … Continue reading

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Gerald Elliott 1931-2013

                                                    Gerald Elliott  26th January 1931 – 6th March 2013   The media this week has … Continue reading

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Guilty laughter. But still laughter.

As I sat here today, wrestling with an intransigent Master’s thesis (the thesis is NOT mine, though the intransigence is), as well as the sheer existential gloom of being back at The Bunker (aka the Medical School Building) after the … Continue reading

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No passion please, we’re scientists

In which I put a damper on all this over-invoked passion. Regular readers of this blog (you know who you are, you two – stop giggling at the back), or of others in the OT stable where I can be … Continue reading

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Twenty five years without parole

In which I look back in… stunned disbelief? It has been a rather strange week here. The main reason, I think, is that last Wednesday, on Feb 1st, I passed a rather unnerving landmark – twenty-five years working for the … Continue reading

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